Maxibit PRODUCT – The Maxibit Scene FoldUp Sign system
Marketing made green, portable and sustainable
The Maxibit Scene FoldUp Sign system

Scene FoldUp is a fabric walling system for creating stunning backdrops fast.  It’s a light system that can be folded up anywhere in minutes. Scene FoldUp also comes in a banner stand that is 75 cm wide and 2,25 meters high. Scene FoldUp comes in three variations, curved, straight and a combination of curved and straight (Bit-a-Both).

Scene FoldUp makes for a great backdrop at press conferences and media events.  It is also perfect for deployment in exhibition booths, cocktail events or just about any public space.

Resource Center : Scene Foldup 

Product Sheets (PDF)      Graphic Measures Guide (PDF)

Videos and Setup
Setup Video (Youtube)    |    Setup instruction  (Youtube)




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